Counseling Ministry

The Family Support & Counseling Ministry of

Bible Baptist Church

Welcome! It is our desire that the following information will help you to become familiar with the counseling ministry of Bible Baptist Church. 

General Counseling Needs

First of all know that counseling is available to all of our church family (members, regular attendees and their families). Counseling is generally provided by a member of our pastoral staff. However, where special needs exist or where a pastor feels that Special Need Counseling is required, a person or family may be referred to Dr. John Rainwater who is our Special Need Counseling pastor.

The basis and purpose of counseling… 

We give spiritual counsel based on the Bible. We help those who come to find answers to their life challenges and apply what they learn. We offer principles, precepts, and strategies for living, coping and healing that are consistent with our beliefs, our statement of faith, and our Baptist world view. We are careful to understand the person and the challenges before offering advice. All counseling is conducted with informed consent of the person being counseled and is confidential under the "clergy privilege" of the Georgia Code.


The conduct of counseling… 

Should you request counseling through this ministry, you can anticipate that you will be treated with dignity, respect and provided confidentiality. We will do our utmost to provide an atmosphere of concern and encouragement. All counseling is designed to meet the specific needs of the person (or persons) being counseled. The typical counseling session includes a time of prayer, clarification, guided practical discussion and consolation to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, others, God and the challenges you face. We will do our very best to help you to work through the challenges you are experiencing. We use the Bible as the exclusive source of truth as we make practical application of biblical precepts and principals.  Please note that our counsel is spiritual in nature. We do not accept secular humanism or postmodern philosophy as a basis for our counseling.

Scheduling appointments… 

All counseling is by appointment. Appointments can be made by calling the Church Office at (912) 352-3020. You can ask for a particular pastor or you can  simply ask to speak to a pastor. You should not discuss your concerns or need until you speak directly to a pastor.

Special Need Counseling

It is always recommended that you start the counseling process with one of our pastoral staff, particularly the staff pastor who oversees the Life Group that you may be attending. Most Special Need Counseling should typically be by referral from that pastor. However, it is recognized that there are times when you may feel that your situation demands special consideration. On that basis, none of our church family will be turned away from Special Need Counseling.

Who does our Special Need Counseling?

Our Special Need Counselor is Dr. John Rainwater, D.Min., BCPC

Dr. Rainwater is a staff pastor and the Church counselor. He is an ordained pastor. He has a Master of Theology, Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Studies and Doctor of Ministry in Christian Counseling from Covington Theological Seminary. He has additional graduate study in counseling with Georgia State University and Covington Theological Seminary. He is a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor through the International Board of Christian Counselors. He is an active member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and has held professional certification in Counseling, Science and Bible through the Georgia Association of Christian Schools. He is a professional member of the Georgia Association of Christian Counselors. He is affiliated with the Association of Biblical Counselors, National Alliance on Mental Illness and the  Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling (the educational arm of the National Christian Counselors Association). He has over twenty-two years of counseling experience and is well known in Savannah and the surrounding area. He has conducted over 16,000 counseling sessions in the ministry of counseling. Dr. Rainwater can be reached by referral, by calling the church office at 912-352-3020, his office directly at 912-721-2977 or his cell phone at 912-429-0453.

Is the Special Need Counseling confidential? 

The content of the counseling is confidential and is considered privileged communication in accordance with the “clergy privilege” of Georgia Code 24-9-22. The confidentiality that is offered will be explained to you at the first meeting. 

What are some of the typical challenges requiring Special Need Counseling? 

Specific challenges that might require Special Need Counseling are: pre-marriage instruction; marriage and family relationships; divorce recovery; working through personal life issues; conflict resolution; anger management; grief and loss; parenting; support for addiction recovery; healing from emotional, physical, or sexual abuse; help with spiritual confusion; ongoing problems with anxiety, depression; sensitive singles issues; teen issues; and children's issues.

What if I need more than just spiritual counseling? 

When counseling needs are beyond the scope of this ministry, every effort will be made to suggest or offer referral to professionals who have the appropriate qualifications and who clearly use methods that are consistent with our beliefs, ethical standards, and moral values. 

How much will this cost me? 

Counseling is provided without obligation. However, as with any church, we do graciously and thankfully accept any special financial gifts or offerings to the church on behalf of the counseling received should you feel led to do so. 

How can I support the ministry? 

While our greatest desire is that you pray for the church and those who may be receiving counseling, those whose desire to give a gift to the church on behalf of the counseling received may do so in two ways. First, you may give a gift as a special offering during the regular giving or by personal check or similar method. Please make checks payable to “Bible Baptist Church” . Send contributions to: Bible Baptist Church, 4700 Skidaway Road, Savannah, GA. 31404. It is strictly up to you if you choose to identify the reason for the gift (i.e., counseling, etc.).